Gas Education training center

- Purpose of the training center:

The goal is to understand the development trends and demands of the gas industry, prepare and train qualified workers who meet the market requirements, and contribute to the reduction of air pollution by educating citizens on the use and proper use of gas fuel.

The training center is:

Since June 2014, the "Gas education" training center attached to Dashvanjil LLC has been operating in the field of training "Gas industry" professionals and gas fuel consuming enterprises.

Our center has a board chairman, training manager and 14 teachers. Lessons are taught by engineers with more than 3 years of experience in the field, who have the right to teach, as well as experts from the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, Ministry of Energy, and Ministry of Energy.

For workers in the gas industry

Pressure tank chargers and dispensers

Maintenance technician for gas equipment

Drivers and sellers of LPG vehicles

A professional license is issued for the repairer professions of combustible gas equipment.

A certificate of competency in "Utilization, storage, and transportation of liquefied natural gas fuel" is issued to guards and service workers of the gas industry, as well as employees responsible for the gas equipment of the organization.

Enterprises, organizations and citizens who use liquefied natural gas fuel, gas equipment, and gas cylinders are given a certificate by conducting "Operation and safe operation of gas equipment" training.

The training is a combination of theory and practice (20% theory and 80% practice).

Due to the increasing consumption of LPG, the number of students is increasing year by year.

From 2014 to 2021, a total of 15,000 employees, employees of enterprises, and citizens were trained on "Safe and Correct Use of Gas Cylinders and Cylinders", and the above-mentioned trainings are being successfully organized for consumers in rural areas, as well as employees of Professional Inspection Organizations and Emergency Management Organizations.

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