- A car gas filling station

1. Sale of auto gas fuel

2. Sale of domestic gas fuel

3. "Gas store" store specializing in gas equipment

4. Provides a comprehensive service of gas equipment maintenance.

   Car gas filling stations not only sell car gas, but also sell and fill orange ISO standard 5, 10, 15, 50 kg cylinders, which are the international standard for long-life and safe use of gas cylinders. . For the safe use of the user, we always leave a note in the "user book" and provide safety instructions.

  This indicates that we have been operating stably for many years in the industry, and that we are the most experienced, professional and skilled team in the gas industry.

  In the future, we plan to establish AHCS in 330 districts in 21 provinces of Mongolia.

   The ADC, which is being established at the national level, works as a new technological solution and development solution that can reduce the use of forests and sorghum for fuel, reduce desertification, and further use gas for heating in a clean, smoke-free environment.

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