- FIRE is the most important discovery that appeared at the same time as the creation of mankind. But the greatest achievement of civilized society is liquefied natural gas fuel, which is an environmentally friendly product. Although fire is a special chemical reaction that always radiates heat, energy, and peace, there is an invincible factor that always flares up, twists, and burns brightly. Dashvaanjil Co., Ltd. is the staff of Dashvaanjil Co., Ltd., who are lighting up the "Blue Flame" with the sparks and sparks of the nomadic Mongolians' prosperity today.

We were founded in 1992 under the name "Dashvanjil" in Shary Gol Soum of Darkhan-Uul Province. From the moment the first stone was pulled, an innovative, creative and talented team started its activities with the goal of creating a healthy future by combining the passions of its colleagues with the gas and fuel industry, working hand-in-hand for the development and green future of Mongolia, creating a proud history of 30 years in Mongolia. The "National Gas Fuel Network" is being developed.

During these 30 years, we established the first "Gas Filling Station" in Mongolia, and now we have more than 600 employees, about 60 branches of "Car Gas Filling Stations" across the country, and "Gas Story" chain stores for buying and selling gas equipment supporting each branch. We put the needs of our customers first.

Also, we are not only the first to build a gas filling station, but we also have special permits such as "gas supply design development", "gas supply technology installation and connection works", "heating supply works and services", and "liquefied gas import and trade" in Europe. The introduction of raw materials and equipment that meet quality standards indicates a historical path that has been the first in the field.

In addition, our team is proud of its history of developing and recording the regulations that must be followed by gas enterprises in Mongolia in accordance with international standards in cooperation with relevant ministries and offices.

During all this time, we have been together with our achievements, failures, and ups and downs, thousands of customers, collaborators, business partner organizations, and team members who have trusted us. I would like to congratulate you on the 30th anniversary and express my sincere gratitude.

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