Since 2019, "Dashvanjil" LLC became a member of the World Liquefied Gas Fuel Association (WLPGA) and became the only company representing Mongolia in the world.

The World LPG Association (WLPGA) is a prestigious international organization that unites and provides advice and guidance to LPG distribution companies. Today, the association unites more than 300 enterprises from 125 countries that use liquefied natural gas (LPG) from all over the world.

    The WLPGA works with influential international organizations and advocates for the interests of member states by working with authorities and leaders to resolve issues. The association is not only a special advisor to the United Nations, but also works in partnership with the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the International Energy Agency.

    As for us, we are working to deliver liquefied natural gas fuel that meets international comprehensive standards to consumers in Mongolia in accordance with the guidance and recommendations given by the association, in accordance with the standards of other countries.

"Dashwaanjil" company has been cooperating with international members of WLPGA by participating in regular interactive meetings and workshops of technical experts to exchange experience.

   Also, participating in the WLPGA's annual new technology meeting, working hard to meet the requirements of the Association's four main goals with a matrix structure: 1. Communication 2. Business Development 3. Standards 4. Innovation and Technology, we are always in contact with other organizations around the world. I intend to work forward.

    We continue to work with the long-term goal of becoming a world-class company selling natural gas on the international market, building and designing gas facilities, and being a driving force in the development of the natural gas industry. As a member of the World Liquefied Gas Fuel Association, it is our duty to be a team of highly knowledgeable and capable professionals, localize advanced international technology in Mongolia, and spread public awareness of the proper use of environmentally friendly gas fuel.

   Our team has been praised by the WLPGA for valuing Knowledge, Skills, Quality, Ethics and Environment as our core values. For "Dashwanjil" company, following and promoting the above five values ​​is more than any merit award.

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