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    AAbout Us

    “Dashvaanjil” LLC was founded in 1992 in Shariin-Gol soum, Darkhan-Uul aimag under the name “Dashvaanjil” entrepreneurship and we have rich history of preparing spares of heavy mining machineries and equipment from Russian Federation under goods exchange agreement and supplying to coal mines of Shariin gol, Baganuur, Shivee – Ovoom Bayanteeg and Erdenet Mining Plant and Khutul cement and lime plant by 50 percent cheaper price compared to the state price. We founded Mongolian first station to receive and store 100m3 liquefied gas by railway wagon tanker and refuel various balloons in 1997-2000 in Ulaanbaatar with the help of “Buriat gas” company of Russian Federation and our technical staff, developed operational and safety rules and instructions of liquefied gas refuel station, submitted to State Office for Infrastructural Inspection for approval and ensured readiness for commissioning. Upon commissioning of our station to receive liquefied gas by wagon tanker in 2001 when there was no legal environment for liquefied gas sector in Mongolia, amendments made to Law on Licensing Economic Activities and Ministry of Energy, Specialized Inspection Agency and Implementing Agency of the Government Coal Authority of that time had expert in charge for gas fuel issue. We taught lesson about 10 people in the wagon at station to receive liquefied gas, issued certificates, firstly obtained license on gas industry operation and license to build gas industry facility from Implementing Agency of the Government Coal Authority and commenced operation in November 2001 and it was the beginning for gas industry development in our country. Mongolian citizens almost did not recognize gas fuel consumption, about 3-5 tons of balloon gas was used at the national level and impossible to receive and sell substantial amount of gas fuel by wagon tanker so we transported gas fuel by auto tanker of gas supplier of Russian Federation then we purchased and commissioned gas transport tanker with the most capacity or 36m3 in 2002. We displaced accustomed tradition to use Russian balloon of 20 kg only, providing wide selection including 5, 10, 14 and 20 kg balloons, introducing into the consumption as own brand and regularly promoted about gas fuel operated fireplace, various heaters and equipment utilization and benefit of gas fuel through media press and it has resulted in increase of gas fuel to 30 ton in May and 50 ton in September, 2002.

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